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EdgeKz takes a look back at the year in Kazakhstan

Almaty urbanism edge two

Kazakhstan's population is growing. Check out how the country is preparing for a more urban way of living

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EdgeKz explores the growing popularity of Vegetarianism in Kazakhstan

ggg boxing

Kazakhstan is a breeding ground for some of the world's most talented boxers

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EdgeKz reveals one of the locals' most popular summer getaways!

Kazakh digitizer nation photo present

EdgeKz is well on the path to digitisation. EdgeKz takes a look at how they got here.

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev and graduate student Khamza Sharifzoda

Here is a glimpse at what life is like for international students studying in Kazakhstan

astana emerges

A once sleepy steppe town and now an internationally recognised capital nears its 20th anniversary

Gulya Imanzhanova

EdgeKz explores the challenges and opportunities for female Kazakh entrepreneurs


EdgeKz takes a look at Kazakhstan's switch to the Latin alphabet

Kazakh Olympic flag bearer Abzal Azhgaliyev

National support is strong for 2018 Kazakh Winter Olympics team

Nursultan Nazarbayev for AIFC edge

EdgeKz takes a look at the newly launched Astana International Financial Center

astana emerges

EdgeKz takes a look back at an historic year for Kazakhstan

kuykov bike ride in NY

Kazakhstan’s nuclear disarmament efforts advance, as ICAN wins Nobel Peace Prize

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EdgeKz talks to a young Almaty-based scientist from one of the nation’s top research Institutes

Wikipedia Donald Trump

Positive US-Kazakh relations are expected to continue under U.S. President Donald Trump

Kazakhstan welcomes the world to EXPO 2017!


A broad rangeof climbing opportunities are among Kazakhstan's hidden adventures.

edge larger hunting

Take a Look at Some of Kazakhstan's Undiscovered Hunting and Fishing Opportunities


Kazakhstan's big cities get all the attention, but here's a look at life and the rest of the country.


EdgeKz takes a look at the mysterious Tamgaly Tas Budhhist sancuary in the mountains near Almaty


EdgeKz takes a look at Kazakhstan's recent election to a non-permanent UN Security Council member seat for 2017-2018

yurt with solar cropped

EdgeKz takes a look at the enduring, modern use of the classic Kazakh Yurt.


Beshbarmak: EdgeKz Writer Michelle Witte takes you through the history, preparation and presentation of this Kazakh classic.

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