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Kazakhstan has declared 2019 the Year of Youth in the country

EdgeKz takes a look back at the year in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan's population is growing. Check out how the country is preparing for a more urban way of living

EdgeKz explores the growing popularity of Vegetarianism in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a breeding ground for some of the world's most talented boxers

EdgeKz reveals one of the locals' most popular summer getaways!

EdgeKz is well on the path to digitisation. EdgeKz takes a look at how they got here.

Here is a glimpse at what life is like for international students studying in Kazakhstan

A once sleepy steppe town and now an internationally recognised capital nears its 20th anniversary

EdgeKz explores the challenges and opportunities for female Kazakh entrepreneurs

EdgeKz takes a look at Kazakhstan's switch to the Latin alphabet

National support is strong for 2018 Kazakh Winter Olympics team

EdgeKz takes a look at the newly launched Astana International Financial Center

EdgeKz takes a look back at an historic year for Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s nuclear disarmament efforts advance, as ICAN wins Nobel Peace Prize

EdgeKz talks to a young Almaty-based scientist from one of the nation’s top research Institutes

Positive US-Kazakh relations are expected to continue under U.S. President Donald Trump

Kazakhstan welcomes the world to EXPO 2017!

A broad rangeof climbing opportunities are among Kazakhstan's hidden adventures.

Take a Look at Some of Kazakhstan's Undiscovered Hunting and Fishing Opportunities

Kazakhstan's big cities get all the attention, but here's a look at life and the rest of the country.

EdgeKz takes a look at the mysterious Tamgaly Tas Budhhist sancuary in the mountains near Almaty

EdgeKz takes a look at Kazakhstan's recent election to a non-permanent UN Security Council member seat for 2017-2018

EdgeKz takes a look at the enduring, modern use of the classic Kazakh Yurt.


Beshbarmak: EdgeKz Writer Michelle Witte takes you through the history, preparation and presentation of this Kazakh classic.

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