Nur-Sultan Restaurants

Nur-Sultan’s restaurant scene is like the city itself: Cutting edge and growing fast. You’ll find Indian, American, Japanese and European cuisines alongside more traditional Russian and Kazakh fare. And the restaurants themselves range from ultra-upscale hotel outlets to the fancifully-decorated Ali Baba with traditionally-clad waitresses, fountains and private cabin seating.

Chefs have been imported from around the globe to work in Nur-Sultan’s finest restaurants and have brought their own unique influences. Their menus change with the seasons and with their personal preferences.

A host of international cuisines can be found at places such as Portofino, considered one of Nur-Sultan’s best Italian restaurants, or the Korean House, which is popular among not only the region’s large Korean population, but many others. East West restaurant is known for its Indian cuisine and unique Soviet-era decor. And traditional Russian and Kazakh fare can also be found at the popular Epoch and Grilliage restaurants.

Those new to Kazakhstan and looking to try dishes from the Central Asian region should seek out restaurants serving the traditional shashlyk. This is a shish kabob style dish with grilled vegetables and meat. Ali Baba, located in the old city center and a short taxi ride outside the new city center, is one of the best spots to try the shashlyk. Ukrainian cuisine is also popular in Kazakhstan and for a unique Ukrainian dining experience, you can head to Melnitsa (“The Windmill”).

Whether your preference is experimental fusion or Kazakh comfort food, you’ll find it in Nur-Sultan’s varied and expanding restaurant scene.

The Astana Times