Nur-Sultan Night Clubs

Don’t let the government bureaus and conservative business suits fool you. When the sun goes down Nur-Sultan knows how to party. The city’s nightclub scene is pulsing with the young and beautiful and new venues are opening all the time. House, techno, light shows and the wee hours of the morning await.

The first thing you want to remember going out in Nur-Sultan is to be fashionably late. Nightclubs are essentially empty before midnight and many stay open until 4 am. So you’ve got plenty of time to make your entrance and give it your best shot. You’ll also need to dress and dress well. This isn’t a town of ironic fashion. Look good or you might not get in. But visitors are often given a pass on the dress code and once inside the velvet rope, it’s a good time.

The top clubs, such as Fashion, attract a rotating lineup of international DJs. Local mixers also have strong followings and know what their crowds want. The dance floors are packed until the early morning.

Among the hottest clubs right now are The Chocolate Room, Azhur and Salvador Dali. The Chocolate Room is located along the Yessil River beside the Radisson Hotel and is one continuous show of grooving bodies and pulsing lights. Azhur was recently renovated to up its luxury quotient and is more relaxed than Chocolate. Salvador Dali is the newest club on the scene and is a land of incredibly high heels and short skirts. It’s where the beautiful people go.

And, speaking of beautiful people, Go-Go dancers are part of the nightclub scene. At some point, expect scantily clad women to get their groove on. Nur-Sultan’s clubs also have surprisingly few cover charges – at least for visitors — but bring plenty of cash (tenge) just in case.

So once you finish your meeting at the Government Bureau of This or That, wait a few hours, put on your best going-out shirt and enjoy the night.