Nur-Sultan Fitness & Banya

Fitness routines are an integral part of many peoples’ lives both at home and while traveling. And Nur-Sultan offers ample opportunity to keep your regime going while visiting the Kazakh capital. The city also offers a glimpse into Kazakhstan’ and the region’s unique Banya culture.

LifeFitness, FitNation and World Class are among Nur-Sultan’s most popular and well equipped fitness centres. A number of the city’s fitness facilities require long-term contracts, so you’ll want to call ahead to ensure that daily or weekly passes are available. Often hotels, such as the Duman Hotel, are your best opportunity to find well-equipped centres offering daily rates.

Banya – which is a mix of Russian, Scandinavian and Turkish steam rooms and sauna as well as hot and cold pools – is popular all over Kazakhstan. Residents will spend long afternoons relaxing with friends in the spa-like atmosphere gently slapping each other with birch or oak branches to improve skin health and often sharing cold draft beers. Business is often conducted in these friendly environments.

Nur-Sultan offers public and more upscale banyas (banya is a Russian word, while Kazakh word for a sauna is monsha) and memberships are not required. The most popular among locals is the large central banya, Keremet. Many Kazakh cities have what is referred to as the central banya and Keremet is Nur-Sultan’s. Here you’ll not only rejuvenate your body but get a real taste of local Kazakh culture. Many banyas, such as those at the Duman Hotel and the Khan Shatyr also offer hamam rooms featuring warm marble slabs on which you are scrubbed clean. Private banya rooms can also be rented.

A typical banya visit usually costs between $20 and $30. So a visit to Nur-Sultan affords not only the opportunity to improve your cultural knowledge and business’ bottom line, but to relax and improve your health in the process.