Nur-Sultan Cafés

Nur-Sultan’s coffee houses provide a warm, tasty respite from the region’s cold winters and a welcome bit of familiarity for the city’s visitors. And, in addition to classic cappuccinos and espressos, the city’s coffee houses and cafes can usually warm you up with a broad selection of liquors.

One thing many visitors notice immediately is that Nur-Sultan’s coffee house are way more than cafes. Many include full European, Kazakh or Asian menus, private VIP rooms, dining rooms and other amenities more associated with restaurants. Yet they are able to maintain the cozy, laid-back feel that makes you want to spend the afternoon casually checking email over a cappuccino or chatting with friends.

La Bella is one of Nur-Sultan’s oldest and most enjoyed coffee shops. It offers plush, high-backed chairs into which you can sink for hours and a full menu of hookahs to enjoy over a long afternoon. In the warm weather, La Bella also offers traditional, private outdoor tents with low tables and pillows for lounging.

Another unique coffee house is Books and Coffee, opened by a long-time American expat. The cafe offers shelves of books in Russian and English which patrons can check out like from a library. And the staff prepares scrumptious chocolate chip cookies and brownies on site.

WiFi is just starting to reach many of the city’s cafes, so if you want to do some work you may want to call ahead. But like coffee houses everywhere, the cafes of Nur-Sultan are meant for long afternoons of lounging, reading or warming up with friends over a cup of the familiar brown liquid.