Nur-Sultan Bars

A good bar is like a good friend – comfortable, familiar and there when you need them. And Nur-Sultan is a friendly place. Here you’ll be able to find a local joint to enjoy everything from Kazakh shashlyk and Russian Karaoke to French Fries and American Rhythm and Blues music.

Bars in the Kazakh capital also differentiate themselves from nightclubs in that the bars don’t usually play techno or house and are more conducive to enjoying a cold pint and good conversation than all night dancing.

Karaoke, however, remains a staple of the Nur-Sultan bar scene and there are plenty of places to enjoy it. Among the favorites is the 8 Drops Music Club. 8 Drops has two locations in Nur-Sultan offering Kazakh, Russian, American and European songs. They also encourage tables to compete with the crowd deciding which table sings best. It’s a good time. Orioke bar is another favorite place to test your pipes. They offer a huge variety of songs from the latest rap to traditional Kazakh folk. And, if you’re really bad, they’ll provide backup singers.

Nur-Sultan also offers a host of Emerald Isle themed pubs where you’ll always find quality Guinness on tap. Among the favorites are Sligo Irish Pub, Rixos Irish Bar and the nearly Irish, Chelsea English Pub. Or if you’re looking for an old fashioned American-style bar, head to Guns N’ Roses. This place is a favorite with expats and offers live Rock’n’Roll on weekends. Its walls are also lined with black and white photos of American movie and music icons.

You’ll also be able to find a friendly game of pool or billiards at many of the city’s bars.

So if you have a taste for draft beer, singing in public or beating your business partner in a game of billiards, you’ll have a good time in Nur-Sultan.

The Astana Times