Almaty Night Clubs

Whether you’re a pretty young thing or a businessman celebrating a deal, Almaty’s nightclub scene has something to offer.

Larger and more established than the scene in Astana, Almaty has already learned how to get its groove on and welcomes you to join.

So if your Ipod includes a rotating mix of international DJs, head over to Da Freak nightclub which attracts top talent from the UK, Germany and Russia. Looking for a warehouse party? Try Gas where you’ll find a London-style industrial steel and brick space pulsing with progressive house until early morning.

If you prefer your clubs a bit more laid back, Almaty offers Cuba where the live Cuban music is as tasty as the mojitos.

Another unique part of the nightclub scene is long legs. Go-Go dancers are part of the landscape here and clubs will include a show at some point in the night. So if you walk in and see scantily clad women dancing on the bar, just tell your girlfriend it’s part of the culture.

Another thing to keep in mind is that like any major city – the top nightclubs discriminate based on age and appearance. The posher the nightclub, the more difficult it is to get past the velvet rope. So if you’re not a pretty young thing, bring one.

And be prepared to pay a cover comparable to other major cities — $20 plus.

But once inside, it’s definitely a good time. World class cocktails, top DJ talent, private VIP rooms and dance floors full of locals happy to be young and free.

Avenue Night Club

  • Hours: Fri-Sat 11 pm - 6 am
  • Address: 17, Zenkov Street
  • Phone: +7 (701) 171 11 18
  • Price: $$

small_information_items_property_18041Avenue Night Club has the biggest dance floor in the city, 16 different bars and 2 floors of entertainment

China Gold

  • Hours: Fri-Sat 12 pm – 3 am, Sun 12 pm – 1 am
  • Address: 140a, Al-Farabi Avenue
  • Phone: +7 (771) 800‒88‒00, +7 (771) 800‒88‒88

The Golden Gate of Chinese Imperial Palaces ceases to be a legend … In one of the most beautiful cities of Kazakhstan – Almaty – China Gold has opened – the most luxurious, cozy and respectable restaurant complex of the country, which includes night club.

Gan Bei

  • Hours: Fri-Sat 10 pm – 5 am
  • Address: 20, Kazybek Bi Avenue
  • Phone: +7 (701) 101 88 81

GAN BEI is a beloved place of Almaty youth. It is a great place to celebrate holidays and have fun with friends.


  • Hours: Fri-Sat 11 pm - 6 am
  • Address: 157, Gogol Street
  • Phone: +7 (701) 221 61 61
  • Price: $$

2-2The entertainment complex GOGOL is a crown jewel of the nightlife in Almaty. It combines all the latest trends of the entertainment industry and bold projects on a single multi-format platform. The complex combines the restaurant of Georgian cuisine Vakhtanguri, BAR No.7, the night club GOGOL and VIP karaoke.


  • Hours: Fri-Sat 7 pm – until the last guest
  • Address: 171A, Zheltoksan Avenue
  • Phone: +7 (705) 118 35 35, +7 (701) 760 12 15

Nakatika is a great place to relax with taste. Enjoy an amazing atmosphere.

Sini Fun To Mass

  • Hours: Fri-Sat 10 pm – 7 am
  • Address: 50, Zhibek Zholy Avenue
  • Phone: +7 (705) 777 88 11, +7 (705) 777 22 88

Offers you a wide range of alcohol and crazy drive atmosphere


  • Hours: Daily 4 pm - 5 am
  • Address: 21b, Kunayeva Str.
  • Phone: +7 (727) 244 66 12

New fashionable nightclub with a great atmosphere and the best Dj. In the best traditions of oriental style we will show you our eastern hospitality.

Sky Bar

  • Hours: Daily 7 pm – 5 am
  • Address: 148, Zheltoksan Avenue
  • Phone: +7 (702) 000 08 54

Sky Bar Street is the territory of 21 Bars located in the three capitals of the World: New York – freedom, democracy, eternal creativity. London – the spirit of old Europe, subtlety and grace. Beijing – a frenzy and an eternal holiday with an oriental flavour.


  • Hours: Thu-Sat 9pm - 5am
  • Address: 234 Rozybakiyeva
  • Phone: 7 707 690 0982
  • Price: $$

zhestLegendary rock club in Almaty. Underground rock club with live music, Zhest has its own unique atmosphere. One can relax and taste good food here.