Almaty Fitness & Banya

The concepts of fitness, spa and banya are often interwoven among Almaty’s health and exercise facilities.

Some faculties are designed primarily for fitness with weight lifting and other exercise equipment. Others are more spa like with facials and message services. While others are designed to be traditional Kazakh banyas with steam rooms and communal baths.

Among the fitness facilities, World Class Fitness Center is considered to be one of the best. It’s part of a global chain and offers state-of-the-art equipment and exercise classes. It also offers day memberships, which some Almaty fitness centers do not.

The Spa at the Rixos Hotel is also considered one of Almaty’s best. You’d be hard pressed to find more luxury than is offered at the Rixos. The spa has the feel and appearance reminiscent of Roman decadence with full facial, massage and body treatment services. It also offers a huge swimming pool, vitamin bar and beauty salon among other amenities.

The Alligator Club and the Arasan are considered Almaty’s shouldn’t miss Banyas. Banya – as steam rooms are referred to in Russian – are important in Kazakh life and the Alligator Club is among Almaty’s most elite. It offers traditional Russian and Finnish banya, spa therapy, a swimming pool and solarium. The Arasan banya is not the newest or the most opulent, but it is considered the city’s central banya where you’ll find Kazakhs from all walks of life relaxing all hours of the day. It’s a great glimpse into the culture of the city and the country.

Not all fitness centers and spas in Almaty accept day or short-term customers, so call ahead to make sure a long-term membership isn’t required.