Almaty Cafés

Coffee is the elixir of early mornings, late night meetings and long afternoons debating the issues of the day over an espresso at a sidewalk cafe. But no matter how you prefer your coffee, you should be able to find what you need in Almaty’s cafes and coffee houses.

4A Coffee remains one of Almaty’s more popular coffee shops among locals and expats. They roast their coffee on site and the aroma alone will get your taste buds going. Madlen also offers a nice resting place particularly if you have a sweet tooth as the place is known for its exclusive cakes and goodies. It also offers WiFi. And if you have serious work to do, you can head to Cafemax which has designated work sections.

Many of the coffee shops in Almaty now come with WiFi and most offer at least sandwiches along with their java.

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