Almaty Bars

A good bar is a valuable thing. And Almaty has lots. You’ll find everything from Irish pubs where you can catch the latest soccer match over a game of darts to chic club-like lounges, to upscale business bars.

On the relaxed end of the spectrum, you’ll want to stop in at Line Brew or Mad Murphy’s. Line Brew offers an excellent selection of Belgian beers and will roast your shashlyk over an open fire. Mad Murphy’s offers hearty stouts, billiards and a true Irish bar feel.

More upscale is Almaty’s GQ Asia. This upscale bar is out of the pages of the iconic men’s magazine and is the best place to close or toast a new business deal. You might also want to try Nirvana Bar which has created a Feng-Shui-esque East Asian respite from the noise and bustle of the city.
Among Almaty’s more lounge-like options are Cinzano and Posh Bar. Cinzano can be tough to get into at night, but during the day you can enjoy a sushi lunch in its trendy red- and white-themed rooms. Posh also lets in only the young and beautiful, but during the day it’s the hub for hip business people using Posh’s free WiFi.

Almaty also offers live music at places like Soho and Members Bar.
Though a few of Almaty’s more lounge-like bars discriminate at the door based on age and appearance, most of Almaty’s bars are just that – bars. Places to enjoy a few drinks and a little conversation. So take your pick and toast your arrival in one of Central Asia’s most dynamic cities.