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Once an unknown town on the vast steppe, Astana prepares to celebrate its 20th anniversary

By Assel Satubaldina

Last year, EXPO 2017 topped the news in Kazakhstan; this year, the young country has an equally important event: the 20th anniversary of its capital city, Astana. Much attention has been drawn to the Kazakh capital in recent years, with Kazakhstan rapidly rising on the global stage. Once an unknown city in the middle of

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Businesswomen in Kazakhstan: opportunities and challenges they face

By Meruyert Abugaliyeva

Entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan has traditionally been considered a man’s realm; more and more Kazakh women turn to business, however, as a source of income or even sometimes a hobby. According to the latest statistical data, women in Kazakhstan run more than 50 percent of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and approximately 66 percent of sole

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Kazakh alphabet: past, present and future

By Dana Omirgazy

Language is possibly the main wealth for the people of any nation. Its origin is one of the most challenging topics in modern linguistics. The history of Kazakh language graphics has deep roots. The writings of the Central Asian people and the origin of the Kazakh language itself arose in the early Middle Ages, according

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National support strong for Kazakh Olympic team

By Zhanna Shayakhmetova

As Kazakhstan seeks to win its first medals at the 2018 Olympic Winter games with a bronze in the individual moguls, 45 other athletes on the Kazakh Olympic team are aiming for success in nine events. (pictured top left: Kazakh speed skater and Olympic Flag Bearer Abzal Azhgaliyev) Overall, Kazakhstan has 57 licenses in these

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Astana International Financial Center Helps Open a Young Country to the Financial World

By Yerbolat Uatkhanov

Kazakhstan – huge, landlocked, remote – has nonetheless been working steadily over the decades to build connections, be they physical ones like the Western Europe-Western China highway, or political ones, like helping mediate the complex conflicts in Ukraine, Syria and beyond. Now, the country has launched an ambitious, new, technology-driven network: the Astana International Financial

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