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Kazakhstan’s nuclear disarmament efforts advance, as ICAN wins Nobel Peace Prize

By Assel Satubaldina

If you think of a country with a vast experience in nuclear non-proliferation, Kazakhstan will certainly be on the list. The Central Asian nation, with a territory nearly the size of Western Europe and a population of 18 million, voluntarily dismantled its nuclear arsenal that it had inherited following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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Kazakhstan Welcomes Guests to Its Biggest Event Since Independence – EXPO 2017

By Dana Omirgazy

This summer, the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, will be sharing space with hundreds of other countries and organizations, all in the service of science, technology, dialogue – and fun. EXPO 2017, the international specialized exhibition, has finally opened. Representatives of 115 countries and 22 international organizations, participating in the fair, were invited to the June

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Samruk – Big Kazakh Winter Auto Rally

By Yerbolat Uatkhanov

This year saw the eighth installment of the “Fast and Furious” movie series. The first part of this legendary series became a blockbuster in 2001 and created a new movement with millions of street racing fans around the world. Today, professional rally racers are those children and young people who watched the first film 16

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Kazakhstan Offers a Wealth of Largely Undiscovered Hunting and Fishing Opportunities

By Dmitry Lee

The world’s ninth largest country has, of course, a range of climates supporting a variety of animal life, making it an ideal destination for hunting enthusiasts. Kazakhstan offers almost any kind of hunting out there at any time of year. The peak season for hunting in general is from August until January, which is why

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Kazakhstan Secures Place on World Stage After Quarter-Century of Independence

By Tom Michael

In the 25 years since Kazakhstan declared its independence, the Central Asian nation has transformed itself from a fledgling nation unsure of its place in the world to a modern player on the global stage. The transformation wasn’t easy and the future is always uncertain, but Kazakhstan’s leaders and outside geopolitical experts are confident that

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