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Rare Earths: A Rare Opportunity for Kazakhstan

By Pavel Pribylovsky

The global market for rare earth elements used in the production of cell phones, flat screens, electric cars and other technology is valued at $3-5 billion and demand is expected to double by 2020. And some say Kazakhstan is in a prime position to capitalise on this rising global market. Rare earth elements (REEs), or

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Kazakhstan Silk Road

New Travelers, Old Roads: Kazakhstan’s Silk Road Past and Future

By Michelle Witte

The Silk Road, the network of trade routes threading east to west, is what has stitched Central Asia together for centuries. It wove together disparate khanates, isolated empires and markets hungry for goods, ideas and information, and the patchwork of peoples from China to Western Europe was shaped by its rise and fall. Now, new

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German Artist Presents Pop Art Kazakhstan

By Julia Rutz

Kazakhstan is a country of great contrasts, of seeming disparities thriving side by side. Whether that is more than 130th ethnicities living in harmony, a traditionally Muslim culture fully open to the world’s modern ideas or its uber-modern capital city nestled in the vast natural beauty of the Kazakh steppe, young Kazakhstan is a study in diversity.

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Strings of an Angel Violinist Zhamilya Serkebayeva

By Dmitry Lee

Zhamilya Serkebayeva is more than just one of the most acclaimed classical violinists in Kazakhstan. She bridges the gap between classical and rock, and even shows her skills at lounge music. “Music in Kazakhstan, like everywhere else today, is perceived by what the audience sees, and not what it hears, unfortunately,” composer and musical producer

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Hitting the Right Notes: The Symbols, History and Images of Kazakh Currency

By Julia Rutz

One of the first things visitors to Kazakhstan notice is the gorgeous collection of paintings and illustrations of the country that are on display. There are portraits of famous people of Kazakhstan and intricate drawings of the nation’s landmarks and wildlife; the whole thing is a beautiful blur of the country’s rich past and surging

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