May 10, 2019

Astana Opera will present new version of Kazakh classic “Birjan – Sara” opera

Address: Astana Opera, 1 Kunayev Str. (corner of Turan Av.)
Phone: +7 7172 709 600; +7 7172 709 612
Time: 7 p.m.

Astana Opera will present the new version of Mukan Tulebayev’s  “Birjan – Sara” opera May 10.  The opera became the golden standard of its genre and a classic of Kazakh national art. The new reading of Kazakh classics challenges stereotypes the characters were framed in.

The very first scene will immerse its audience to the Kazakh nomadic lifestyle. The scenes prepare folk artisans, craftsmen, merchants, eagle hunters riding horses and tightrope walkers.

In addition to this, the scenarist will multiply the effect of “being there” with the  3D technology creating the background of nature and daily routine. Italian expert Sergio Metalli enhances the visual with bright costumes and video installations. Above all, the magnificent sound of the opera’s orchestra and soloists’ will accompany the scenes and promise an unforgettable impression to the public.

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