April 24, 2019

Astana Opera will stage Karagoz national ballet

Address: Astana Opera, 1 Kunayev Str. (corner of Turan Av.)
Phone: +7 7172 709 600; +7 7172 709 612
Time: 7 p.m.

“Karagoz” is Kazakh national ballet that illustrates the struggle of tradition, rationality versus one true love. The ballet has been praised by critics and ballet experts will be staged in Astana Opera.

This is a story of young girl Karagoz who was forced by her grandmother, baibishe Morzhan, to marry the rich and handsome Narsha, who was very fond of her. Yet the heroine’s heart chooses poor poet Syrym, with whom she has kinship relations. The attempt to protest the traditions and defend her right for love ends tragically: Karagoz becomes insane and dies, followed by her devoted spouse Narsha. Syrym is in despair, and Morzhan is overtaken by deep remorse.

“Softness of the plasticity of Karagoz shows most clearly in the adagio, lyrical culmination of the ballet. In a love triangle Narsha – Karagoz – Syrym both heroes have individual choreographic colours. The grandmother Morzhan, keeper of sacred laws of the ancestors, who fiercely loves her granddaughter Karagoz, appears as a very distinctive character,” said Doctor of Art History Yelena Dolinskaya.

Renowned Kazakh composer Gaziza Zhubanova wrote the music to the ballet, based on Mukhtar Auezov’s drama “Karagoz”, in 1987. Vakil Usmanov, the professor at the European Ballet Academy and laureate of the International Competition of Ballet Artists and Choreographers, staged the ballet.

Astana Opera premiered the ballet in two acts and nine scenes, with prologue and epilogue in the form of a requiem Dec. 5 in 2014.

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