December 25, 2019

Astana Opera to perform ‘Messiah’ Christmas Concert

Address: Astana Opera, 1 Kunayev Str. (corner of Turan Av.)
Phone: +7 7172 709 600; +7 7172 709 612
Time: 7 p.m.

The Astana Opera’s choir and orchestra will perform the  Messiah oratorio by G.F. Handel Dec. 25.

Messiah is the most famous composition written by Handel. It remains quite popular among the classical music lovers. The oratorio was first performed in Dublin April. 13, 1742.

Messiah is the savior Jesus Christ who was sent by God. Initially, the oratorio was intended to be performed at Easter. After the composer’s death, it became a tradition to perform Messiah during the period of Advent – Christmas Fast, which is the time of anticipating feast and miracle. The miracle is the birth of Christ.

Messiah narrates about the Wise Men who came to the Infant Jesus with gifts. The oratorio is considered to be one of the most bright and joyous compositions: all that makes a human being suffer, all sorrows are taken aside by the composer, whereas all that brings joy and gives hope for love and happiness is vividly highlighted…

They say that while composing Messiah Handel was often found sobbing at his writing desk, as he was so excited by the wonderful music he penned.


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