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China Gold

The Golden Gate of Chinese Imperial Palaces ceases to be a legend … In one of the most beautiful cities of Kazakhstan – Almaty – China Gold has opened – the most luxurious, cozy and respectable restaurant complex of the country, which includes night club.

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Nakatika is a great place to relax with taste. Enjoy an amazing atmosphere.

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Grill bar with a club theme of free drive atmosphere. Democratic prices, a dance floor, and separate karaoke rooms will help you have fun in the company of friends.

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Icon Club

The club is located in the centre of Astana, being the only club project on the restaurant alley. Icon is considered to be a flagship club for Astana’s club industry.

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ZaZa has quickly become of the capital’s top night clubs with Electro, House and Trance beats. The entrance fee is about $10.

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Draft is not just a place for dancing and having a good time but also is a good place for dining. A combination of affordable prices and a modern and fun vibe has made the place one of the favourite hang outs in the city. Before hitting the place make sure to make a reservation

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Hits of the 20th Century

This night club is famous among 35+ lovers of disco dancing. There is a live music and an abundant menu of various European and Asian fusion cuisines. If you’re ready to hit it off lke back in the old days this is the place for you.

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Sini Fun To Mass

Offers you a wide range of alcohol and crazy drive atmosphere

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Astana Club

Imperial Nightclub

The definition of Imperial is relating to an empire or emperor. And Astana’s Imperial Nightclub lives up to that definition. The club was fully renovated in 2007 in an ancient Roman style. Lianas hanging from the ceiling and a colorful fountain also add exotic flair. Guests have four nightlight options. You can try the club’s

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8 Kapel

8 Kapel opened in 2008 and is centrally located on the left bank across from the UFO-looking Astana Circus building. The club is designed to appeal to a variety of tastes with both Karaoke and a dance floor and DJ. The DJs mix mainly techno and rock. 8 Kapel also offers national and European food

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