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This is a live music joint with something from everyone. On any given night you’ll find bands singing everything from 1980s love ballads to Beatles classics. Almaty’s jazz musicians are also known to take the Soho stage. So call to find out about the current music lineup.

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Mad Murphy’s

You go to an Irish bar to find a hearty stout, a game of darts, billiards and a little soccer on the tele. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at Mad Murphy’s. It’s also a popular haunt for expats who like to take in their matches on the bar’s large televisions.

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GQ Asia Bar

This is the bar for off duty businessmen and the women who love them. If your sense of style fits nicely in the pages of the iconic men’s magazine, you’ll feel right at home in this upscale bar. So loosen your silk tie, hang your suit coat on the back of your chair and toast

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Cigar Bar-Radisson Astana

This bar has comfortable leather chairs that give it the feel of a traditional British study. It also has numerous TVs. There are all types of cigars, including Cubans, along with great coffee and service.

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Astana Bar

Little Goats Bar

If you loved the 2000 movie Coyote Ugly or the American bar on which it was based, you’ll love Astana’s Little Goats bar. America’s first Coyote Ugly opened in New York City in 1993 and its hallmark quickly became beautiful bartenders who could dance on the bar, breathe fire, and beat many customers in drinking

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Bars in Astana

Why Not?

Smart and stylish lounge bar with a slick, streamlined interior. Many local and expat business people frequent Why Not?, so it’s a place to make business contacts as well as have a good time. Why Not? is something in between a restaurant and a lounge with a calm, subdued design. Its neutral colors, plus the

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Triumph pub

A nice, quiet bar with background music. It has a VIP room and Wi-Fi.

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Rixos Irish Pub

Rixos’ Irish Bar is spacious and has a pool table and live music. Some of Kazakhstan’s hottest bands play there. In addition to songs that everyone’s heard of, the groups perform their own originals. The Rixos is Astana’s premium hotel, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the menu is a bit expensive. There are affordable

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In addition to having a name rhyming with karaoke, this venue is known for its huge song menu, ranging from Kazakh folk to rap. Have fun!

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You can enjoy live music and various types of shows at the Krushovitsa, as well as Czech food with your beer.

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