Astana Landmarks and Astana Day Celebration Events

Astana’s Landmarks and Schedule of Events for July 4-6 Celebrations of Astana Day

Astana is Kazakhstan’s shiny, new world-class capital and each year city residents, officials and organizations celebrate this unique place. This year is no different. From July 4-6 organized celebrations will be held around the city at some of Astana’s most iconic landmarks. The Astana Day celebrations are also a good time to visit some of the city’s landmarks even when no organized events are planned.

Below you will find a handy list of Astana’s Landmarks and information about which landmarks are offering events and celebrations for Astana Day.

The Baiterek Tower

baiterek tower

Situated at the heart of Astana’s modern Left Bank, the Baiterek is a symbol of the city and the new Kazakhstan. The unique monument, designed by President Nursultan Nazarbayev, represents the golden egg of the Samruk bird nestling atop a poplar tree, symbolising the rebirth of the Kazakh nation.
Inside the egg, visitors can find the
Ayala-Alakan monument, with an impression of the right palm of the first President of Kazakhstan expressing the bond between the state and citizens and peace, friendship and harmony. The monument sits at a height of 97 metres, marking the year of 1997 when Astana was officially designated the new capital of Kazakhstan.
Alongside the Ayala-Alakan is the Bata, a sculpture of a globe with radiating segments marking the first Congress of World and Traditional Religions in 2003, when seventeen leaders of world religions gathered in Astana to promote peace and harmony between religions.
The 105-metre Baiterek is constructed from metal, glass and concrete and weighs over 1,000 tonnes. The 22-metre golden egg, which weighs 300 tonness alone, is made with chameleon glass that changes colour depending on the light.

Events at the Baiterek Tower:
Shattyk Childrens Art Festival
July 4-6 at 14:30
Pop up shop Astana 2015
July 4 at 10:00

Summer Jazz Astana
Jazz music concert
July 5 at 19:00

Khan Shatyr Shopping and leisure centre

khan shatyr

Designed by the internationally renowned British architect Lord Norman Foster, Khan Shatyr is the world’s largest tent. The landmark, which houses a shopping and leisure centre, was opened on July 6 – Astana Day – in 2010.
The 127,000 square metre complex includes a tropical beach resort with sand imported from the Maldives. The special skin of the building keeps the temperature inside at a constant 35°C all year round, allowing beachgoers to enjoy a tropical experience even in the coldest of winters.
Khan Shatyr has the honour of being the only building in the CIS to feature in Forbes Style’s top ten world buildings.

Events at the Khan Shatyr:
Millennium around Astana
Festival of nomadic civilization
July 3-6 at 11:00

Astana Arkau
Festival of Turkic Music
July 4 – 6 at 18:00

Alau Ice Palace

alau ice palace

The world-class Alau Ice Palace is a symbol of Astana’s ambition to be the capital of sport.
The 8,000-seat stadium, which hosts speed skating, ice hockey and figure skating, is equipped with super-modern equipment that can produce fast ice. The palace played host to ice events in the 7th Asian Winter Games in 2011, when nine continental records were broken.
The palace includes a 400-metre ice track, two hockey courts, a jury room, press centre and eight locker rooms for athletes and is ranked 11th in the world among skating stadiums.

Events at the Alau Ice Palace:
Kazakhstan Barysu Kazakh national wrestling tournament
July 4 at 13:00

National Cycling Track

national cycling track

Located alongside the Alau Ice Palace, the National Cycling Track was also constructed for the Winter Asian Games in 2011.
The $20 billion Tenge (USD 110 million) 8,000-seat development includes a cycle track, volleyball and basketball courts, football fields, swimming pools and fitness centres, and a hotel and education complex.

No events planned.

Ethno-Memorial Complex -Map of Kazakhstan “Atameken”

ethno map

The Atamaken ethno-memorial complex provides a walk through the history and culture of Kazakhstan. The 1.7-hectare site, opened in 2001 at the initiative of President Nazarbayev, features a miniature representation of Kazakhstan, including models of the country’s 14 region towns and the cities of Astana and Almaty.
There are more than 400 models across the site, including representations of Kazakhstan’s characteristic landscapes, famous historical and architectural monuments, and a decoratively designed model of the Caspian Sea.

Events at the Ethno-Memorial Complex Map:
The wedding ceremony
July 6 at 12:00

Walk-in Day
July 7 at 10:00

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

palace of peace

The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, often referred to as ‘The Pyramid’, was conceived by President Nazarbayev as a symbol of modern Kazakhstan’s values of friendship, unity and peace. The building – like Khan Shatyr – was designed by British architect Lord Norman Foster and opened in 2006.
The palace incorporates an opera hall, conference and exhibition centre and contemporary arts centre. It is also used to host international events, including the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions, the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), and major national events such as Constitution Day and gatherings of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

Events at the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation:
Astana Zhuldyzy National Music Award
July 4 at 20:00

Magic Astana International Festival of illusionists

July 5 – 6 at 19:00

Duman Shopping and leisure centre

duman shopping

With more than 3,000 km to the nearest ocean, the Duman Oceanarium gives Astana’s visitors and citizens the chance to experience the wonders of the depths.
The three million-litre saltwater oceanarium is home to more than 2,000 sea creatures, with over 100 marine species from all corners of the earth.
The oceanarium includes a large main aquarium with a 70-metre glass tunnel on its bed, allowing visitors to walk among the marine life. Only seven centimeters of acrylic glass separates guests from the water – and the sharks.
Two exhibition areas with eleven smaller aquariums feature marine flora and fauna from ocean and tropical seas from around the world.

Events at the Duman Shopping and leisure centre:
The wedding ceremony
July 6 at 12:00

The State Theatre of Opera and Ballet Astana Opera

national theatre

The Astana Opera House – or the State Theatre of Opera and Ballet as it is formally known – is one of the city’s newest and finest cultural attractions. Built in 2013 and situated on the left bank of the Yessil River, the new theatre’s architectural splendour and first-rate facilities provide a world-class setting for productions. Occupying a plot of almost nine acres, the theatre is 64,000 square meters in size with a stage of 3,000 square meters.

Events at the The State Theatre of Opera and Ballet Astana Opera:
Astana Arkau Festival of Turkic music
July 4 at 18:00

Theatre Sun Carlo with staging of ballet Giselle;
July 6 at 19:00

ALZHIR Museum-memorial complex to the victims of political repressions and totalitarianism

Museum complex Memorial

The ALZHIR Museum is a moving and thoughtful memorial to the many thousands of victims of political repression in the Soviet era. Opened in 2007 by President Nazarbayev, it tells the story of the impact of totalitarianism and terror on its victims and Kazakhstan.
The complex is divided into two sections with the first charting through documents and displays, the management of Kazakh lands by the Soviet authorities, the famine of the 1930s and national liberation movements.
The second section is dedicated to the ALZHIR camp itself from which the museum gets its name. ALZHIR is the abbreviation in Russian of the Akmolinsk Camp for the Wives of the Traitors of the Motherland. It includes the 18-metre high Arch of Sorrow, the Memory Wall, which includes the names of 7,620 prisoners, sculptures and reconstructions of the camp itself. The complex receives around 35,000 visitors every year from Kazakhstan and further afield.

Events at the ALZHIR Museum-memorial complex:
Walk-in Day
July 7 at 10:00

Kaz Media Centre

media Center

The KazMedia Centre is one of Astana’s architectural and cultural landmarks. It is a modern business and technological complex at the centre of the rapid development of the digital media and the Kazakhstan digital television broadcasting, IPTV.

No events planned


The construction of Astana Circus was started in December 2001 to plans devised by architect Tolegen Abdilda. He created a truly unique building in the form of a flying saucer which holds up to 2,000 people. The circus arena can be also transformed into a skating-rink.

Events at the Circus:
Echo of Asia International Circus Festival
July 1-8 at 16:00

Palace of Independence

Palace of Independence

The Palace of Independence hosts many official state events, forums, meetings and conferences. The main Congress Hall on the ground floor seats 3,082 people, and there are a smaller Ceremonial Hall and a Press Centre.
On the second floor, there are galleries of decorative and modern art, ethnography, archeology and anthropology.
The third floor houses a museum of the history of the city of Astana it self which is told through documents and displays.

Events at the Palace of Independence:
Most iskusstva Artists Symposium
July 4 at 16:00

Art exhibitions, photo exhibition
July 1-8 at 10:00

Palace of Youth Creativity

Palace of youth creativity

The Palace of Youth Creativity is a major four-floor sports and cultural centre which was opened in 2011. On the first floor are facilities for track and field, two gyms, a swimming pool, ice rink, theatre hall, and dining room. The second floor contains an exhibition hall, internet centre and library. A basketball court, a wrestling room, a tennis hall, rehearsal rooms for orchestra, dance, choral and drama groups, and a medical centre are on the third floor while the top floor has a planetarium with 170 seats as well as studios for dance, music, art, a video theater studio and laboratories.

Events at the Palace of Youth Creativity:

The final of Repupblic contest
Ayalagan Astana
July 4 at 15:00

Festive program
Aynalayn Astana, askak anym!
July 5 at 10:00

Memorial Complex Kazakh Yeli

Memorial complex at Kazakh

The Kazakh Yeli monument and complex symbolises the modern history of Kazakhstan and its people.
The monument’s height of 91 meters marks the year 1991 when Kazakhstan became independent. Its marble base represents the purity of thought and inter-ethnic harmony of the people of Kazakhstan while on the top the sacred Samruk bird demonstrates people’s commitment to the further development and prosperity. At the base of the moment are four bronzes depicting the First President and the people of Kazakhstan; Bravery; Creation; and The Future.
The monument and surrounding area occupy eleven hectares and is surrounded by some of the country’s most significant buildings including the Independence Palace, Palace of Art Shabyt, the Hazret Sultan Mosque, the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation.

Events at the Memorial complex Kazakh Yeli:
Folk festival and a concert
July 5, 6, 7 at 11:00

July 6 at 12:00 pm

The National Flag of Kazakhstan

national flag of Kazakhstan

The national flag of Kazakhstan is visible from across Astana, flying from a 111-metre flagpole located in the government district – Astana’s Left bank.
The 450 square metre flag, raised for the first time on July 5 2012, is the 4th largest national flag in the world.
Soaring at such a great height requires special attention. The pattern is printed by the Elorda-Zharnama company, who are entrusted with maintaining the condition of the national flag.
The National flag of Kazakhstan is located near the ethno-memorial complex Map of Kazakhstan “Atameken”.

Events at the National Flag of Kazakhstan:
The flag-raising ceremony
July 4 at 11:00



Astana’s Hippodrome holds up to 2,600 people. The length of its racing track is 1,800 meters, and its running track is 1,600 meters. The Hippodrome is large enough to accommodate a 16 horse race. The track boasts a new photo finish system, will all the action live on a giant 6×8 metre screen. The field is surrounded by safety fencing, and has all the facilities for world-class racing.

No events planned

Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall

Kazakh concert hall

The Central Concert Hall is Kazakhstan’s first metropolitan complex, and is equipped with state of the art technology. It’s designed for large events, such as celebrations and official meetings, concerts of international and local stars, conferences, presentations, meetings and exhibitions.
The Hall complex consists of 3 levels–a piazza lobby, the concert hall and a stage.

Events at the Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall:
Concert of IL DIVO
July 5 at 17:00

Concert dedicated to Nurgisa Tlendyev
July 6 at 18:00


Congress Hall

Congress Hall

Astana’s Congress Hall on the right bank of the Yessil River included in the list of historical and cultural monuments of national significance in 1982 and is protected by the state.



Events at Congress Hall:
Festival of confectioners
July 4 at 10:00

An Juregim-Astana Gala Concert
July 4 19:30

Astanaga Tartu Concert
July 5 at 19:00

Konildy Astana Humor and satire night
July 6 at 16:00

Nur-Astana Mosque


Built in March 2005, the Nur-Astana Mosque has become a landmark in Astana. This elegant building is constructed from glass, concrete, steel, granite and alucobond. The mosque’s four minarets stand at 62 metres in height. The dome is covered with gold and is supported by eight beautifully ornate columns, featuring carved surah (part of the text of the Holy Quran). Inside, you will find a large hall, designed to accommodate over five thousand worshippers. The second floor balcony can allows for two thousand female worshippers. The total area of the mosque is approximately 4,000 square metres.

No events planned.

National Museum

national Museum
Officially opened in the summer of 2014, the National Museum is the largest in Central Asia at approximately 74,000 square metres.
The museum focuses on archaeology, anthropology, the history of gold and other precious metals, and modern art.
The vast hall for exhibitions covers an area equivalent to 15,000 square metres and explores the key events in the history of Kazakhstan.

Events at the National Museum:
N.Sethia Foundation
The exhibition of artifacts from a private collection
July 4 at 16:00
The Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – the Leader of the Nation

presidential library

Built as a library and archive of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, this stunning new building is a home to academic study. The library is a centre of research into Kazakhstans history, culture and society, as well as the initiatives and ideas of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The large, multifunctional building has a total area of 28,000 square metres, consisting of 9 floors. The storage capacity in the library is the equivalent of two thousand shelving units. The library was officially opened on July 2, 2014.

No events planned.

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