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Little Goats Bar

If you loved the 2000 movie Coyote Ugly or the American bar on which it was based, you’ll love Astana’s Little Goats bar. America’s first Coyote Ugly opened in New York City in 1993 and its hallmark quickly became beautiful bartenders who could dance on the bar, breathe fire, and beat many customers in drinking contests. And just like in America’s Coyote Ugly bars, customers at Little Goats have the opportunity from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. to dance on the establishment’s bar. And Little Goats – like Coyote Ugly – is known for its beautiful “Little Goats” female bartenders who chat and drink with the customers. The bartenders also encourage customers to keep the party going until first light at 5 a.m. and holds contests for the best dance with a Little Goat. It’s designed like an old American country garage with saddle-style chairs and a big bar. The joint also offers two VIP rooms and sofas for conversation.

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