I Ryba I Myaso (And Fish and Meat)

After opening Zoloto Restaurant, Sergei Svetlyakov and Russian restaurateur Alexander Orlov running the Bulldozer Group restaurant chain unveiled a new restaurant with unordinary name. The restaurant combines a summer terrace with a buffet, a meat club with the first Texas smoker in Almaty and a fish restaurant.

Buffet offers the guests any meal at a fixed price, which will be cooked in the open kitchen. One can also buy products home, including farm cheeses, freshly baked crusty bread, juicy steak from the knife, homemade compotes, freshly squeezed juices and jams.

Meat menu astonishes one’s eyes as it consists of different variations of meat, such as beef tartar with sugar bone, lamb’s shoulder with sweet potato, tonic horse or baked beef cheek with Pasternak, and also, unique to Almaty, meat cooked in Texas smoker.

The fish menu includes a wide selection of ceviche, carpaccio, tartars and branded hot dishes. The menu is updated every month with the priority made on local products.

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