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There are a variety of websites in Kazakh, Russian and English with information on Kazakhstan. We have listed many of the websites that include an English language version here. If the site does not immediately open into an English language version, look for the “Eng” button. Not all the websites will have everything translated into English, but most have sufficient information to make the sites useful.

News about Kazakhstan and the Region

www.visitkazakhstan.KZ/en (ENG)
Official site of KazInform Information agency (ENG)
Kazakhstan Newsline, a subscription-based source of business information
Official site of Khabar News Agency and (ENG)
Official site of the “KazPravda” daily newspaper
A blog about Kazakhstan Travel & Kazakh Culture

General Information


Official Tourism website of the Committee of Tourism Industry

Kazakh Government Websites and (ENG)
Official site of the President of the Republic and (ENG)
Official site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and (ENG)
Official site of the Ministry of Culture and Sport and (ENG)
Official site of Parliament and  (ENG)
Official site of the government and (ENG)
Official site of the city of Almaty and (ENG)
Official site of the city of Astana and (ENG)

Official site of EXPO 2017 International Specialized Exhibition in Astana


Tourism and Leisure and (ENG)
Restaurant information for Astana and Almaty and (ENG)
Cities, hotels, restaurants in Kazakhstan (RUS)
Kazakhstan Tourist Association (ENG)
Central Asia Travel guide and (ENG)
Kazakhstan Ecotourism (ENG)

Kazakhstan travel – official touristic website

Trending Kazakhstan News

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