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Nauryz – Eternal Holiday of Reconciliation and Hope

By Dana Omirgazy

Nauryz is probably the nation’s most important holiday, even more significant for Kazakh people than Independence Day. The greatest spring holiday of Persian- and Turkic-speaking nations symbolises awakening and renewal of nature, unity of people and beginning of the New Year. The oriental New Year has been celebrated by many cultures for more than 5,000

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Kazakhstan Secures Place on World Stage After Quarter-Century of Independence

By Tom Michael

In the 25 years since Kazakhstan declared its independence, the Central Asian nation has transformed itself from a fledgling nation unsure of its place in the world to a modern player on the global stage. The transformation wasn’t easy and the future is always uncertain, but Kazakhstan’s leaders and outside geopolitical experts are confident that

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Kazakhstan 2016: An Independence Milestone, Terrorist Attacks and a Nonproliferation Anniversary

By Dmitry Lee

This year Kazakhstan is readying to celebrate its 25th anniversary of Independence. But that is far from being the main news this year. After a couple of years, of the struggling tenge and the situation with the national currency, as it may seem at first, was settled; but the country was appalled by events like

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Astana Gets the Attention, But Life is Sweet in the Kazakh ‘Auls’

By Zhazira Dyussembekova

Kazakhstan is quickly emerging onto the world stage for many reasons, including its nuclear nonproliferation work, its service as a bridge between East and West as well as its contributions to international security and energy. Much of that attention is focused on its two major cities: Almaty, Kazakhstan’s former capital, major population metropolis and business

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Kazakhstan’s Economic, Legal Reforms Ensure Continued Development

By Yerbolat Uatkhanov

Sometimes, the evolution of a still-developing state can seem like a flurry of activity without a lot of results. Ministries are created and disbanded, projects are launched, headlines are grabbed – but the long term, incremental changes they create can often fly under the radar. Official Kazakhstan can sometimes seem like an alphabet soup of

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