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From gorgeous landscapes, to ancient and modern cities, to a multitude of cultures, visitors to Kazakhstan can expect a diverse experience. The same is true of shopping in many of Kazakhstan's cities. The retail outlets – large and small – you'll find here offer the unexpected.

Take the Khan Shatyr Shopping and Entertainment Complex in Astana. Inside the world's largest tent, three floors of top boutiques and brand name shops share space with a sauna, an amusement park ride, a waterslide and an indoor beach. And forget dashing in and out for a pair of socks at Mega Mall, Astana's other large shopping experience. Mega has an entertainment centre, arcade games, restaurants, and, of course, dozens of shops. Almaty has its own shopping and entertainment complexes in Ramstore and Mega Center, which has, among other diversions, a rock climbing wall.

Though the latest international brands are readily available, the traditional Kazakh shopping experience also continues to thrive. Almaty's huge Barakholka market is tightly packed with vendors offering everything from furs to nail files, and within it are food stalls where locals take a break from bargaining to sip tea, eat shashlyk, and compare prices. After all, why rush? The market offers enough variety to browse for hours.

The Zelyony Bazaar – meaning the Green Bazaar – is the same. It focuses on food, but you can also find clothes, housewares, and inevitably, a place to sit, eat, drink, and talk. Whether you're hunting for souvenirs or saucepans, try shopping Kazakh-style. So it doesn't matter if you are looking for a Louis Vuitton bag or a piece of Kazakh culture, you'll have no trouble finding a store that carries it.

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