Attractions - Bars
bar_listing_edgekz_tap_and_classic_barWhile the top nightclubs of the world's major cities are all about exclusivity, beauty and cutting-edge music, the best bars are just the opposite. They're about easy drinking, friends and good times had by all. And though nightclubs have their place, sometimes you just want comfort over cool. So if you're in the market for some casual good times, you'll find plenty of places to go in Kazakhstan.

One of the first things you should know about bars in Kazakhstan is that Karaoke reigns. Many, if not most, of the bars in Kazakhstan's two major cities – Astana and Almaty – offer up at least a small portion of their space to letting amateurs belt out a tune. Other bars are devoted entirely to the activity. You don't have to sing to have a good time, but be ready to at least incorporate listening into your evening.

Another nice thing about Kazakhstan's bars is that they are among the most English-speaking places in the country. Bars seem to be the establishments that most attract visitors and expats. And bar owners have realized it's good for the bottom line to have a few English speakers on staff. Mad Murphy's and the Guinness Bar are two places you can go for a bit of relaxing familiarity in Almaty. And Kega Sports Bar and Chelsea English Pub are reliable standbys in Astana.

If you're looking for dinner along with your beer, you may want to call ahead. Some bars have outstanding traditional and international dinner menus while others just feature snacks and finger food. Live music on Fridays and Saturdays is also common. And unlike nightclubs, bars get hopping earlier in the evening. If you show up around 10 p.m., you'll soon be surrounded by friends.

So if you've had your fill of dress codes and face control and just want to enjoy a quality pint and some tasty comfort food with friends, check out any of Kazakhstan's better bars.