astana_nightclubsDon't let the government bureaus and conservative business suits fool you. When the sun goes down Astana knows how to party. The city's nightclub scene is pulsing with the young and beautiful and new venues are opening all the time. House, techno, light shows and the wee hours of the morning await.

The first thing you want to remember going out in Astana is to be fashionably late. Nightclubs are essentially empty before midnight and many stay open until 4 am. So you've got plenty of time to make your entrance and give it your best shot. You'll also need to dress and dress well. This isn't a town of ironic fashion. Look good or you might not get in. But visitors are often given a pass on the dress code and once inside the velvet rope, it's a good time.

The top clubs, such as Fashion, attract a rotating lineup of international DJs. Local mixers also have strong followings and know what their crowds want. The dance floors are packed until the early morning.

Among the hottest clubs right now are The Chocolate Room, Azhur and Salvador Dali. The Chocolate Room is located along the Yessil River beside the Radisson Hotel and is one continuous show of grooving bodies and pulsing lights. Azhur was recently renovated to up its luxury quotient and is more relaxed than Chocolate. Salvador Dali is the newest club on the scene and is a land of incredibly high heels and short skirts. It's where the beautiful people go.

And, speaking of beautiful people, Go-Go dancers are part of the nightclub scene. At some point, expect scantily clad women to get their groove on. Astana's clubs also have surprisingly few cover charges – at least for visitors -- but bring plenty of cash (tenge) just in case.

So once you finish your meeting at the Government Bureau of This or That, wait a few hours, put on your best going-out shirt and enjoy the night.

Fashion Nightclub

Fashion Nightclub

Fashion Nightclub is Astana's place to see and be seen. Celebrities of all stripes join locals and foreigners to cut loose in luxury. And they keep coming back for Fashion's deep house music and DJs, hookah, food and extensive drinks menu. The nightclub practices strict dress and face control, so look sharp.

Address: 4 Mailina Street
Phone: +7-701-888-52-82, +7(7172)- 222 777
Price range: $$


Chocolate is known locally as being home to Astana's most beautiful party goers and practices strict dress code and face control. But once inside, it's a great time. The city's hottest DJs keep the smallish dance floor packed and there are plenty of intimate seating areas to make new friends. If you want to see and be seen in Astana, go to Chocolate.
Address: 2 Saryarka Avenue
Phone: +7 (701) 550 00 17
Hours: Friday and Saturday 11 pm - 5 am

8 Kapel

8 Kapel
8 Kapel opened in 2008 and is centrally located on the left bank across from the UFO-looking Astana Circus building. The club is designed to appeal to a variety of tastes with both Karaoke and a dance floor and DJ. The DJs mix mainly techno and rock. 8 Kapel also offers national and European food and a moderately priced wine list.
Address: 6/4 Kabanbay Batyr Avenue
Phone: +7 (7172) 467 018
Hours: Daily 9 am - 3 am (Until 4 am holidays)  

Imperial Nightclub

The definition of Imperial is relating to an empire or emperor. And Astana's Imperial Nightclub lives up to that definition. The club was fully renovated in 2007 in an ancient Roman style. Lianas hanging from the ceiling and a colorful fountain also add exotic flair. Guests have four nightlight options. You can try the club's intimate lounge space where you'll often find Astana DJ Nikita Filatov. You can head into Imperial's karaoke room or go straight into the heart of the club where you'll find Imperial's dance floor and '80s and '90s retro music. Or you can stay in the front lobby area and smoke hookah on puffy sofas. So if you like opulent surroundings, lots of nightlife choices and a crowd that's not still in college, Imperial Nightclub is your first stop.

Address: 38 Kenesary Street
Phone: 8 (7172) 32 69 32; 8 (7172) 32 21 21
Hours: Daily 7:00am-5:00pm

Art Gallery Nightclub

Description: Lots of Astana nightclubs have bars and lounges, but very few have bowling. But that's what makes the new Art Gallery Nightclub unique.
The club opened in December 2010 and offers everything you could want for your night out. You can have an upscale dinner in its restaurant, sing Karaoke at the bar or dance in the nightclub area. But its most unique element is the bowling. Art Gallery has seven bowling lanes rentable by the hour.
Art Gallery also offers traditional nightclub attractions such as local DJs and an ultra-hip interior. The pub area features state of the art karaoke, a calmer area for conversations and a high-end restaurant.
Art Gallery attracts a broad array of ages and styles so you don't have to worry about looking hip enough to get in. Just bring your best bowling skills and a desire to have a good time.

Address: 29 Kunayev Street
Phone: 8 (7172) 55 00 77
Hours: Mon-Thu, Sun 11 am-2 am, Fri-Sat 11 am-4 am  

Oscar Lounge Bar & Night Club

Description: The Club Oscar nightclub might be located in the luxury Duman Hotel, but this is no hotel lounge bar. This nightclub is designed to make you feel like you are at a Hollywood Oscars event. A red carpet leads to the entrance, the famous Oscars statues are scattered around and pictures of Hollywood stars line the walls.

The club, which opened in February 2011, is spread over two levels and three VIP rooms. The main dance floor is surrounded by comfortable couches where you can watch some of the hottest go-go dancers in the city do their thing. There's also plenty of room to dance and two bar areas to ensure quick service.

So if your idea of a hotel lounge is a couple of old guys smoking cigars at an empty bar, then Club Oscar isn't for you. But if you want a high-energy dance club filled with Astana's beautiful, then head to the Duman, look for the famous Hollywood statue and get in line.

: Eastern, European, Japanese and Kazakh
2A Kurgalzhinskoe Highway, Hotel Duman
: 8 (7172) 79 15 67
Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 12:00 pm - 02:00 am
Friday –Saturday 12:00 pm - 05:00 am
Price range
: $$

Insomnia Night Club

Description: The strength of this club seems to be its crowd, more than its design. Insomnia has developed its own loyal following, and the name kind of suggests the club’s high-energy pulse. Geared more toward a chic and
progressive, younger crowd, regulars would tell you Insomnia attracts a positive and free-thinking group of like-minded cool people who just want to be themselves, hang-out… and dance like mad! An easy place to meet
like-minded partiers, times have been known to get wild at this spot, with inventive and sometimes titillating floorshows and other edgy surprises. People rave about the music mix and the layout of the place, which features a big dance area, a lounge-chair spread to chill in, and an electric-looking bar resembling a Manhattan martini bar running on 50,000 watts. In fact, the whole place makes liberal use of dazzling lasers and light effects – lots of strobes and neon columns that stretch from the floor to the low ceiling throughout. You could probably even get away with wearing shades here, but think twice: some report face control to be a little on the strict side.

Cuisine: Mixed
Address: 3 Dostyk Street
Phone: 8 701 511 4740
Hours: 10.00 pm - 04.00 am, Sun - Mon is closed
Price range: $$



Description: This club caters to the “luxury” niche, starting with its unique and stately interior design – an amalgamation of earth-tone, czarist décor with traditional nightclub neon and flash. An array of soft, spacious couches and chairs you’d want to sleep in flank the hardwood dance floor, and swooning draperies dress the padded and papered walls. Elegant chandeliers aresuspended throughout, including above a ritzy, illuminated bar that features an exhaustive selection of spirits. That said, this is definitely a place you can dance and party at. The club often hosts varied theme parties, bringing in some of the top DJ talent from Russian and European, and also features full billiards facilities. Small but always popular, the club has a link with the Portofino Restaurant and is located in the same building. As you would expect given the description, don’t show up looking a slouch: Azhur is strict on dress code and face control.

Cuisine: Italian, Japanese
Address: 27 Turan Avenue
Phone: 8 (7172) 40 20 34
Hours: 12:00 pm to last visitor  


Description: Located in the Radisson Hotel on the Right Bank of the river, Chocolate is considered one of the most upscale and hottest – some say the hottest – night clubs in the city, and is popular in particular with locals (especially Friday night). It has a large roster of regulars, and practices strict face control. It has lots of smart, beautiful people, who tend to come in groups. Chocolate is more like a lounge during the week and Sundays, with live jazz. But the party is on Friday and Saturday nights, with guest DJs from Russia, Europe or Almaty. You can sit at the bar, but to grab a table with its cozy furniture, be warned: it will set you back at least $500 per table. Guests at the Radisson should have no trouble getting in. The club is not very big and was recently renovated. Dress code is smart casual.

Cuisine: Japanese
Address: 2 Sary Arka Avenue
Phone: 8 (701) 550 0017  


Description: Jimmy’z, located on the 12th floor of the Astanalyk building across from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is part of an international showcase that includes 20 capital cities. The place oozes exclusivity when you walk through the door, offering a truly elegant, high-class atmosphere that is not as loud as many clubs. With its brand of interior and existential class, Jimmy’z attracts an affluent and slightly older clientele, often including celebrities and politicians. The club features a cigar bar, karaoke lounge and dance hall, all supported by a phenomenal set of wine, liquor and fine cuisine. It used to be members-only, but is now open to the public. We need not warn you to dress for the place.

: European, Kazakh, French
Address: Astanalyk Business centre
Phone: 8 (7172) 50 20 33, 8 (7172) 50 21 33
Hours: Around the clock