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Tigrahaud 1

Kazakhstan's unique form of Ethno-Pop us poised to take on the world.

Aigerim Karakuchukova  (2)

Kazakh Army Women Balance Gender and Responsibilities


Kazakhstan works to meet the challenges which face all emerging democracies

yurt with solar cropped

EdgeKz takes a look at the enduring, modern use of the classic Kazakh Yurt.

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Many Kazakh students look not only to the West for international education but also to the East

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Kazakhstan's hosting of an IAEA low enriched uranium bank is expected to help increase global nuclear security

Наурыз. Танцы

Many know Astana and Almaty, but the rest of Kazakhstan is filled with the unique and vibrant traditons of small town Kazakh life.

800 by 800 eurasia

The young Eurasian Economic Union is a complex tool to meet today's global economic challenges


Motorcycle clubs in Kazakhstan break the negative stereotypes which follow many motorcycle riders.

oil well and blue sky

A cadre of experts weigh in to EdgeKz on the potential impacts of falling oil prices on the Kazakh economy


Beshbarmak: EdgeKz Writer Michelle Witte takes you through the history, preparation and presentation of this Kazakh classic.


Kazakhstan has stepped up its role in regional stabalization as the U.S. has withdrawn from Afghanistan

Nazarbayev and Obama at the Hague for edge

Read about Kazakhstan's vital but understated relationship with the West in the latest EdgeKz posting

Transoxiana Dreams_ still 4 Almagul Menlibayeva (3)

Edge Writer Michelle Witte takes a look inside Kazakhstan unique contemporary art scene in the last EdgeKz story

stock market resized

Kazakhstan's People's Initial Public Offering is proving to be a positive move in uncertain economic times

small business chalkboard resized for edge

Kazakhstan's culture of entrepreneurialism and small business development have become drivers of this emerging economy

aral sea main pic 450

Kazakhstan is working with interntational organizations to revive the once grand Aral Sea

Nazarbayev University is Kazakhstan's premier institute of higher learning

Nazarbayev University is Kazakhstan's premier institute of higher learning

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November 25

FC Astana vs. Benfica, Portugal, Champions League

Address: Astana Areana
Phone: N/A
Hours: 9 p.m.

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Guns N Roses

Guns n’ Roses is an up-market Irish pub serving draft beer and ale. Each outlet has red British Telecom boxes outside their entrances.
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